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SOBRITE specializes in LED light products and since 2019 has been new distributor of Spectrum LED brand to UK market.


Developing Spectrum LED lighting systems comes from the conviction that promoting innovation and energy-saving illumination, especially the LED technology, is the key to a brighter future.


Spectrum LED brand includes wide range of high quality, modern, energy-saving and affordable led bulbs, including popular standard bulbs, candle bulbs, gu10, reflectors and many more.


All our LED light products undergo testing and screening process in our Spectrum Lab in order to fulfil our promise of efficient, save and durable product.

Range of Spectrum LED products

Range of Spectrum LED products

Spectrum LED and Spectrum LED Integra combines high quality, high efficiency, durability and affordable pricing. Spectrum LED product range include: gu10s, MR16s, standard and decorative bulbs, globes, candles, reflectors, PARs etc. Spectrum LED Integra consist of modern range of led downlight, floodlights, panels and other luminaries perfect for domestic and commercial use. The offer has been systematically updated and improved.

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